Fanfiction Roundup: Polyamory

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You know what’s nice? Seeing yourself reflected back at you from the media you consume. Happy, healthy depictions of stigmatized persons and lifestyles. Characters that share the parts of me that I can’t share with the world at large. You know where I don’t get that shit? Mainstream media.

This is a big part of what fanfiction is for. It’s the place where I can find characters who are queer and kinky and polyamorous, like me, which are written by authors like me. A big part of fanfiction is a desperate attempt to relate to well-written, interesting mainstream media that completely leaves out people like us. I always advocate for more and better representation, but I also want to be able to enjoy the good content that’s already out there. So here’s a roundup of some of my favorite representations of polyamory in fanfiction.

  1. Welcome Home by Udunie (Teen Wolf): Here’s a classic one shot threesome smut fic, but with extra kink for flavor. Stiles comes home from college and has reunion sex with his two domly boyfriends, Peter and Alan. There is no plot to be found here, just a pre-established kinky triad, chastity, blowjobs and boyfriends excited to be together again.
  2. Six Shots To Go by CourierNinetyTwo (RWBY): This one goes much deeper into character development, which is my favorite. Velvet, Coco, Yatsuhashi, and Fox all end up dating each other, and we get a chapter (and sex scene) for all six couple pairings. I love this one because I think it shows what polyamory is all about: getting to explore different sides of yourself and different dynamics, and supporting your friends and lovers in pursuing what makes them happy.
  3. Masks by Not_You (Watchmen): This Watchmen high school musical theatre AU is just as bizarre and wonderful as it sounds. They’re doing Phantom of the Opera, Walter is the Phantom, Dan is Raoul, and Laurie is Christine. Besides appealing to my musical theatre nerd heart, it’s about teenagers figuring out that they’re allowed to be attracted to multiple genders, and that it’s possible to love multiple humans at the same time. It’s really heartwarming and sweet to watch this verse in which people like me figure everything out and everything goes well and there’s love and happiness all around. Queers want fluffy wish fulfillment sometimes too.
  4.  Odd One Out by thingswithwings (Leverage): I really like this exploration of an OT3 getting together, because it’s messy. Parker and Hardison are dating, and they also want to date Eliot, but Eliot is reluctant and scared of feelings. They try the casual sex thing, and make things awkward- taking one step forward and two steps back, as it were. My favorite part of this is Parker’s conversation with Eliot where she talks about the difference between what we think romance is and what it can be in reality, and the difference between wanting a fantasy of romance and wanting a specific person. Poly is hard and complicated and I love a fic that looks at that honestly.
  5. She Who Must Be Obeyed by Not_You (The Avengers): This is one of my favorite fics of all time. It’s of the “everyone is poly because Avengers” variety. Natasha is a femdom with a whole harem of subs, that starts out with Tony, Pepper, Nick, Thor, and Clint and expands to include Steve, Bucky, and Loki, so there’s a combination of established relationship dynamics and getting together storylines. There’s a lot of femdom porn, as well as various dynamics between other members of the polycule. Also, great character development: Bucky confronts his gay feelings, Steve discovers his dom feelings, and Loki handles out his jealousy feelings, among other things. I love the idea of this big happy poly family all living together in a big house and making it work.

Do y’all have any favorite polyamory fanfics? Let me know in comments!


Fanfiction Roundup: A/B/O

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For those of you who don’t know, A/B/O stands for Alpha/Beta/Omega. The basic idea is, what if humans had characteristics of other animals, especially pack animals? What if we had societal structures based on these new nonhuman biological characteristics? The best A/B/O, in my experience, creates a conversation about gender and expectations. It wonders how the world would be different, how our ideas about maleness and femaleness would change, what new institutions would be necessary. It’s a jumping off point for some amazing worldbuilding and social commentary. Also, fun creative porn that often involves things like D/s, collars, breeding, knotting, and heats. Here are some great A/B/O fics that have given me food for thought and/or raging boners!

  1. Nico Comes to a Decision by razielim (Percy Jackson): Sometimes you want plot, sometimes you just want simple hot dirty knotting porn. This is the latter. Nico’s an omega who decides that he actually does want to be Will’s after all, he just wants to respected in the process and not make decisions until everyone’s in their right mind. Huzzah for consent-conscious kink!
  2. Dynamics by Not_You (The Avengers): I’m not usually a huge fan of the “our world meets some kind of magical alternate world” trope- there’s usually way too many awkward situations and too much secondhand embarrassment for me, and I just don’t find it that interesting. This fic is the exception. The Avengers, who are heading in a poly direction, get their asses transported into an A/B/O alternate universe. The alphas, Steve, Natasha, and Thor, have to figure out the pecking order between them before omega Clint goes into heat. I love it when wrestling matches end in sex. And I adore how being forced into this weird contrived situation helps the Avengers solve their real-world relationship problems. It’s a metaphor!
  3. All You Ever Needed to Know About Knotting by KuriKuri (Teen Wolf): Derek likes to read this relationship advice column written by a witty, anonymous omega. Also, he has a crush on his adorable omega neighbor, Stiles. I’m sure you can see where this is going. I love the use of the advice column to give us a glimpse into the broader context of this particular A/B/O verse, and the rom-com style, complete with mistaken identity and mutual pining.
  4. Politically Incorrect by Not_You (The Avengers): Remember how I love how creative A/B/O can be, especially subversions of it that go against the traditional archetype? This is none of that. This is pure self-indulgent classic A/B/O. Clint is an omega who’s stereotypically submissive and has some guilt feelings about wanting Phil to take him and claim him and use him. (Dude, I can relate.) Includes beautiful D/s knotting porn with lots of biting!
  5. The Domestic Lives of Superheroes by The Notorious Trollop Vo the Terrible (The Avengers): This is a series, and with all of the parts together, it is fairly long. But it is so, so worth it. It mostly looks at omega Bucky and alpha Steve. The main story, “The Winter Soldier Becomes a Parent,” deals with Bucky’s accidental pregnancy and his difficulties adjusting to a normal human life after being an abused soldier for so long. Maybe my favorite part of this fic is when Bucky asks Natasha to accompany him on an errand, she assumes they’re going to assassinate someone, and they’re actually going to see a doctor for an ultrasound and all of that. It’s the kind of fic that manages to be heartwrenching and hilarious in turns, and is somehow so relatable in its discussion of recovery and the importance of social support even though it’s about a pregnant male omega superhero. The rest of the series is also great!
  6. Entangled by antennapedia (Buffy the Vampire Slayer): Female alphas are always so interesting to me. Both female alphas and male omegas are really fascinating ways of re-imagining gender and power, but the former get way less attention in fanfiction than the latter. In this fic, Buffy is an alpha and Giles is an omega, which turns their mentor/student power dynamic on its head. Giles has an inconveniently timed heat, because you gotta kickstart the porn somehow. Also, the idea of pack is explored in a way that imagines packs as polyamourous systems, and I always love a good poly plot twist.
  7. a little advice for aspiring fires by The Byger (Teen Wolf): Stiles is an omega who sells himself at auction. Derek bought him impulsively and doesn’t really know how to alpha. Here be Stiles being talkative and adorable and Derek slowly letting his guard down and starting to snark back at him. And then, y’know, Stiles gets his heat. I like Stiles’ narrative voice here, he’s earnest and young in a way that really shines through. Derek’s alpha possessiveness and Stiles’ omega clinginess cause some problems, and they have to actually use their words and talk about their problems like adults. Also, adorable children at the end.
  8. Will Graham’s Home For Fucked Up Omegas by Not_You (Hannibal): This is maybe my favorite A/B/O fic I have ever encountered. The world building is just so good and fleshed out! Will Graham is an alpha who runs what is essentially a halfway house for omegas, and is also really really bad at self care. Hannibal is an omega who runs a similar home for alphas. One of my favorite things about this fic is that it imagines humans with much better senses of smell in addition to the other animalistic characteristics that are common to A/B/O verse. Emotions all have their own scents, and are a big part of how humans communicate. Having an impaired sense of smell is therefore much more of a disability in this world, which is also explored. It also looks at how the idea of queerness would change, and how same-dynamic attraction would be viewed as queer in such a world. I adore all of the different details and nuances that the author came up with. Huzzah for creative and exciting world building!

What’s your experience with A/B/O been? Got a favorite A/B/O fic?

Fanfiction Roundup: Daddy Kink

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I’ve waxed poetic about my love for Daddy/Mommy kink from both sides and talked about how it feels to switch in between those two roles. Now I want to share some of my favorite Daddy kink fanfictions! As with many kinks, there are all kinds of different flavors and varieties of Daddy kink, and I’ve tried to include several of them. Without any further ado:

  1. Whatever You Say, Daddy by Triangulum (Teen Wolf): In which Lydia is tired of clumsy young boys and goes in search of a daddy who knows what they’re doing. She ends up with two. This is the classic “young slut tries to seduce older man, gets more than she bargained for” scenario. I love a good double penetration scene, and Lydia discovering how much she loves being her daddies’ fuck doll. Also, the “daddy knows best, only daddy knows how to take care of you” angle is just excellent.
  2. Family Man by Skull4601 (The Avengers): The Avengers are a poly family that roleplay as an actual family. Steve is the team dad, Thor is his housewife, Clint is a teenager, Tony is the precocious ten year old, Bruce is a little kid, and Natasha’s the baby. This one is less porn and more feelings, and talks a lot about what each of the characters get out of their respective roles. I love that, I love how much sense it makes that Tony would want to be a clever kid again and Steve would want to take care of people. I can really relate to feeling like you need a kink role on a deep emotional level.
  3. How Close is Close? by Julibean19 (Teen Wolf): Jackson and Stiles reconnect in a BDSM club. Jackson figures out that Stiles could use a daddy and volunteers for the job. I totally relate to Stiles’ feelings about being sick of being the adult all the time and just wanting someone who cares as much as he does. Featuring clothed/naked shenanigans, possessiveness, and the very pinnacle of gentle, loving domination.
  4. Take Me Home by Not_You (The Avengers): This one is part of a larger series, but I feel like the porn makes sense on its own. Set in a D/s universe, Nick Fury is a jaded dom and Natasha is a traumatized but recovering sub. He takes her home, she calls him daddy, the rest is history (and porn). I love how earnestly submissive Natasha is here, how much she really wants to please her daddy and how much she cares that he’s comfortable and happy. There’s a focus here on how much trust and care a dynamic like this requires, and it gives me feelings.
  5. Daddies Dearest by razielim (Percy Jackson): Nico is a bratty baby who knows just how to get what he wants from his daddies. I have definitely pulled the “dress in a provocative outfit and act like an innocent child who has no idea why their big is so wound up” game. It’s a fun game. Also, spitroasting.
  6. Proper Playground Behavior by Not_You (Hannibal): This is also part of a larger series but works well as a standalone. Hannibal and Will are in an established relationship, and Will works up the courage to ask about ageplay and wanting to go to an ageplay event at the BDSM club they frequent. There’s lots of nonsexual ageplay like coloring and making snacks for little one, and also Hannibal being the brattiest little ever and jumping Will’s bones. Overall, it’s a great balance of the two. Beware mentions of cannibalism play, but nothing on-screen.
  7. Teenage Dream (Like I’m Livin’ a) by sullacat (The Avengers): One of my favorite things about fanfiction is all of the tropes where characters get in a weird contrived situation where they have to pretend to be in love and then catch feelings. Seriously, we have invented so many storylines to put our favorite characters through this angsty and incredibly unlikely scenario. Darcy has to go undercover as a little, and Clint has to pretend to be her daddy. So of course, they have to practice pretending to be in a dynamic. And they have to cultivate tumblrs full of ddlg porn. And of course Darcy has to suck Clint’s cock- because they need a distraction, not because she wants to. Let the fake relationship feels begin!
  8. Dyke Daddy Derek Hale by Spitshine (Teen Wolf): Who needs gender roles? Not femme leather daddy Derek or nonbinary slut Stiles. To be fair, if I met a femme leather daddy in a bar who was hard packing, I would probably also want to blow them in an alleyway. Stiles lifts their skirt and gets fucked up against a wall in that alleyway while strangers watch. Pure glorious genderfuckery leather daddy porn.
  9. Babies by Not_You (The Avengers): More poly Avengers family! In this one, Bruce is everyone’s daddy and there are many orgies. Pepper sometimes plays big sister, and sometimes she’s Mama, which makes my heart happy. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find mommy domme porn? Seriously, there isn’t nearly enough, and if you know of any good fanfics with mommy dommes, let me know. I love all the precious babies and sweetness and caretaking in this fic, it’s adorable.



Fanfiction Roundup: Gangbangs


I love the idea of gangbangs. There’s a lot of fun things about it: getting to be the center of attention, getting used by a large number of people, impressing everyone with how much you can take, the sheer intensity of having several things done to you at once. I also have a lot of kink feelings about it, and I often find myself immersed in a gangbang story when I’m feeling into being used and humiliated and pushed to my limits. Gangbangs are one of those things that are nearly impossible to do in real life, though. Just the logistics of getting half a dozen people in the same room at the same time, who all want to bang one specific person? That’s a challenge. Luckily, this is exactly what smut is for. Here are some of my favorite gangbang fanfics!

  1. This Fever by gracerene (M/M, Harry Potter): Harry discovers he likes cock, and then all the cock, and then all the cock at once. Needy bottom Harry who just wants to be bossed around and taken care of really resonates with me. I also love it when there’s a dom in charge of the gangbang to move people around and tell them how to use the bottom. In this fic, Ron fills that role beautifully, complete with dirty talk and being the last person to take Harry.
  2. I Wanna See Your Animal Side by sidium (F/M, MCU Avengers): This one is consensual non-consent. Natasha has a fantasy about being gang raped, and after some explicit negotiation, the Avengers make her dream come true. Includes consent check-ins and the use of safewords. I’m a fan of the “I want to struggle but I want you to win” type of submission, so I love the part where Natasha makes a run for the door, fights as hard as she can, gives some people some bruises, and still ends up wrestled down and tied up and thoroughly happy about it.
  3. When did this happen? by Slaughter_Saints (F/M, Mad Max Fury Road): Trope inversions are one of my very favorite things, especially where there’s genderfuckery involved. In this fic, all of the Sisters plus Furiosa share Nux. They take turns. He’s very happy to service them. Sweetness, adoration of Furiosa, and some lovely gentle-but-firm femdom ensues!
  4. Sharing is Caring by Udunie (M/M, Teen Wolf, very dubious consent): This is the only one on this list with actual consent issues. Stiles is the new pack omega, and the alpha, Peter, shares him with Derek and Boyd. Everyone gets a turn taking Stiles up the ass, and Stiles is overstimulated and overwhelmed but likes the way it feels. One D/s thing I like is being pushed past my comfort zone by my dom, having to take just a little bit more than I would on my own because they want me to, and this is exactly the kind of fic that caters to that.
  5. Bang My Boyfriend by OhCaptainMyCaptain (M/M, F/M, MCU Avengers): The Avengers take turns having sex with Steve as Bucky watches. This is the kind of gangbang where Steve wants to play with all of his friends and also get pushed hard and overstimulated and take as much as he can. Bucky’s very proud of him, which makes my praise kink loving self squeal inside.
  6. Tryouts by Inell (M/M, Teen Wolf): What would this gangbang roundup be without a wildly unrealistic cliche porn premise? Stiles tries out for the baseball team, is reunited with his highschool crush, gets recognized from a sex club, and gangbanged in the locker room after practice. Gotta love a good old-fashioned locker room gangbang. Possessive Derek rocks the “I’ll share you with them but you’re really mine and only I can satisfy you” dom role, which really speaks to my kink for feeling owned.
  7. Tony Pulls a Train by Alex51324 (M/M, F/M, MCU Avengers): More consensual roleplay! In this one, Tony’s birthday present is to be the Avengers’ sex slave for a day. Featuring active consent and Tony still getting pushed to his limits and worn out by people he loves and trusts. I love this kind of balance between the sex slave trope, which is kinky and hot, and enthusiastic consent and caring friends, which gives me all the warm fuzzies.

Do you have a favorite gangbang fanfic that I left out? Let me know!


10 Smutty Fanfics I Love

Explicit fanfiction is near and dear to my heart. I first discovered the erotic side of fanfiction in the Harry Potter fandom, during middle school. Last summer, smut was pivotal to my sexual reawakening and the realization that I was still a sexual being. (Specifically, Remus/Sirius porn.) Fanfiction has also helped me to discover many of my kinks. Reading a description of a very kinky fic and saying “why the hell not, I’ll give this a try” has led to me exploring lots of fetishes in a way that feels safe and controlled. And of course, smut makes excellent masturbation material. Video porn has never really been my jam, so when I want to get off, I often turn to one of these stories.

Note: many of these are very kinky and might trigger you or squick you out. Please check out the tags before reading and take care of yourself.

Here are 10 sexy fanfics you should totally check out!

10. Teeth by SushiOwl (Teen Wolf, D/s, M/M, Peter Hale/Stiles Stilinski): This is an excellent book-length fic in which Peter owns a BDSM club and Stiles is in college. They start being play partners because Stiles wants to explore his subby side, and then they fall in love. There is a bit of plot to this one, and some feelings, but mostly some excellent kinky porn. One of my favorite things about this fic is the explicit negotiation: they go through a kink list, have safewords and actually use them, and discuss things before they do them. It’s all very healthy and consensual and wonderful, and also very hot.

9. Some Water (To Put Out the Blow Torch) by tamlane (Harry Potter, noncon, M/F, Cormac McLaggen/Rose Weasley): So this fic is really dark and twisted. Cormac drugs, kidnaps, and rapes Rose. He doses her drink with a substance that makes her obey him and go along with everything he says. Cormac takes Rose home and forces her to call him Daddy, strip for him, and suck his cock, then he brutally fucks her in the ass while calling her by her mother’s name. The daddy kink here is excellent, including being told to lick a cock like it’s a lollipop. Rose is impossibly obedient, letting Cormac fuck her face and holding positions for improbably long amounts of time. Major warning for rape here.

8. She’s Got The Power In Her Hands by taylorpotato (Teen Wolf, D/s, F/F, F/M, Malia Tate/Kira Yukimura, Scott McCall/Kira Yukimura): Hurray for femslash! Kira is the subbiest sub to ever sub, Scott tries to give her what she want but he’s not quite the hardcore dom she’s looking for, and Malia is a natural domme who is more than happy to fulfill Kira’s fantasies. Here be polyamory, humiliation, public sex, and lots and lots of femdom. It’s so nice to see kinky femslash porn, that is a thing that the world could definitely use more of. study your body if your heart’s not ready by LilMysterios (Teen Wolf, a/b/o, M/M, Sheriff Stilinski/Stiles Stilinkski): This one is pure delicious filth. It’s set in omega-verse, and Stiles is a child who has just presented as an omega and has to be taken to the doctor for a check-up. The doctor then fingers him, his dad is very turned on, and they talk about Stiles instead of to him while discussing what a good, fertile, obedient omega he is. I love the idea of omegas, they’re natural subs who become inconsolably horny during heat and just want to please their Alphas and get fucked and used. Warnings for underage and parent/child incest.

6. 5 Times Lydia Goes Down on a Lady + 1 Time a Lady Goes Down on Lydia by KuriKuri (Teen Wolf, cunnilingus, F/F, Lydia Martin/all the ladies): More femslash! This one is exactly what it says on the tin. Lydia hooks up with all the ladies, and there is lots of lovely oral sex and cute banter. Definitely the most vanilla fic on this list.

5. Halloween Night by yeaka (Harry Potter, D/s, crossdressing, M/M, James Potter/Remus Lupin/Sirius Black): Remus wears a schoolgirl uniform to the Halloween party, and it turns James and Sirius on. Remus ends up in the middle of a threesome, getting fucked from both ends, not allowed to come until they say so, and being their pretty little bitch. Here be feminization. I love the dirty talk in this one, and I love how happy it makes Remus to be a good bitch.

4.Wrong But You’re So Much Fun by sneksonaplane (Teen Wolf, daddy kink, M/M, Peter Hale/Stiles Stilinski): Stiles runs a porn blog and starts talking to a sexy older man, who turns out to be Peter. This is shameless daddy kink, complete with control of when Stiles masturbates, Stiles wearing a skirt, Stiles being a needy, horny little boy, and Daddy Peter taking care of him. It’s great. Lots of sexting and the phrase “Daddy’s perfect little whore.” I dig the loving humiliation and the taking care of baby boy in a sexual way.

3. Between a Boy and a Girl by all_not_well (Harry Potter, mommy kink, daddy kink, M/M, F/M, Ginny Weasley/Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy): This one is exceptionally kinky. Harry has been cursed so that he is always horny and never gets any relief. Draco is living with Harry and Ginny as their personal sex slave and little girl. Warning for consent issues, Draco is not there of his own free will, and Harry ignores the consent of both Draco and Ginny. My favorite parts of this one are how much Ginny loves being Draco’s Mommy and disciplining her little girl.

2. Baby Boy by SushiOwl (Teen Wolf, daddy kink, M/M, Peter Hale/Stiles Stilinski) Yay, daddy kink! Stiles stumbles on, meets Daddy Dom Peter, and becomes his baby boy. Peter is filthy rich, spoils him rotten, and fucks him silly. Also, Peter is a werewolf and twice his age. This is another long one with a decent amount of plot to tie it all together/ As a sex toy geek, I love that Peter teaches Stiles about lube safety, and buys him Sliquid lube and Tantus dildos (including the Acute!) Stiles discovers that he really likes being a baby boy, and all is fluffy and smutty.

1. Compulsions by run_for_me (Teen Wolf, gangbang, M/M, Stiles/everyone) I love me a good gangbang. Stiles joins the pack, and because he’s the weakest member, he turns into the pack bitch. He becomes submissive towards all the other pack members, and on the full moon, they gangbang him. Lots of dirty talk, humiliation, rough fucking, and knotting. Warning for dubious consent, there is magic involved.

There you have it, my current top ten! I hope y’all enjoy reading them as much as I do.

What are your favorite smut fics? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!