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Sex Toy Reviews

I will only review body-safe toys. My health and the health of my readers is very important to me. I will not accept toys that are porous, toxic, contain phthalates or carcinogens, or are otherwise not safe for my body.

All reviews are honest and unbiased. Sending me a toy does not guarantee you a positive review. My reviews are an honest and frank discussion of my personal subjective experience with the toy in question.

Toys sent to me for review are noted as such. At the bottom of my toy reviews, I write a note stating that the toy was sent to me in exchange for a review and by what company it was sent. If there isn’t a note, it means that either I bought the toy myself, or it was given to me by a loved one.

I use affiliate links in my reviews. Affiliate links allow bloggers to get paid a percentage of sales when readers buy something using one of our links. They are a great way to support bloggers.

My Content

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