Fanfiction Roundup: A/B/O

words and toys 5a

For those of you who don’t know, A/B/O stands for Alpha/Beta/Omega. The basic idea is, what if humans had characteristics of other animals, especially pack animals? What if we had societal structures based on these new nonhuman biological characteristics? The best A/B/O, in my experience, creates a conversation about gender and expectations. It wonders how the world would be different, how our ideas about maleness and femaleness would change, what new institutions would be necessary. It’s a jumping off point for some amazing worldbuilding and social commentary. Also, fun creative porn that often involves things like D/s, collars, breeding, knotting, and heats. Here are some great A/B/O fics that have given me food for thought and/or raging boners!

  1. Nico Comes to a Decision by razielim (Percy Jackson): Sometimes you want plot, sometimes you just want simple hot dirty knotting porn. This is the latter. Nico’s an omega who decides that he actually does want to be Will’s after all, he just wants to respected in the process and not make decisions until everyone’s in their right mind. Huzzah for consent-conscious kink!
  2. Dynamics by Not_You (The Avengers): I’m not usually a huge fan of the “our world meets some kind of magical alternate world” trope- there’s usually way too many awkward situations and too much secondhand embarrassment for me, and I just don’t find it that interesting. This fic is the exception. The Avengers, who are heading in a poly direction, get their asses transported into an A/B/O alternate universe. The alphas, Steve, Natasha, and Thor, have to figure out the pecking order between them before omega Clint goes into heat. I love it when wrestling matches end in sex. And I adore how being forced into this weird contrived situation helps the Avengers solve their real-world relationship problems. It’s a metaphor!
  3. All You Ever Needed to Know About Knotting by KuriKuri (Teen Wolf): Derek likes to read this relationship advice column written by a witty, anonymous omega. Also, he has a crush on his adorable omega neighbor, Stiles. I’m sure you can see where this is going. I love the use of the advice column to give us a glimpse into the broader context of this particular A/B/O verse, and the rom-com style, complete with mistaken identity and mutual pining.
  4. Politically Incorrect by Not_You (The Avengers): Remember how I love how creative A/B/O can be, especially subversions of it that go against the traditional archetype? This is none of that. This is pure self-indulgent classic A/B/O. Clint is an omega who’s stereotypically submissive and has some guilt feelings about wanting Phil to take him and claim him and use him. (Dude, I can relate.) Includes beautiful D/s knotting porn with lots of biting!
  5. The Domestic Lives of Superheroes by The Notorious Trollop Vo the Terrible (The Avengers): This is a series, and with all of the parts together, it is fairly long. But it is so, so worth it. It mostly looks at omega Bucky and alpha Steve. The main story, “The Winter Soldier Becomes a Parent,” deals with Bucky’s accidental pregnancy and his difficulties adjusting to a normal human life after being an abused soldier for so long. Maybe my favorite part of this fic is when Bucky asks Natasha to accompany him on an errand, she assumes they’re going to assassinate someone, and they’re actually going to see a doctor for an ultrasound and all of that. It’s the kind of fic that manages to be heartwrenching and hilarious in turns, and is somehow so relatable in its discussion of recovery and the importance of social support even though it’s about a pregnant male omega superhero. The rest of the series is also great!
  6. Entangled by antennapedia (Buffy the Vampire Slayer): Female alphas are always so interesting to me. Both female alphas and male omegas are really fascinating ways of re-imagining gender and power, but the former get way less attention in fanfiction than the latter. In this fic, Buffy is an alpha and Giles is an omega, which turns their mentor/student power dynamic on its head. Giles has an inconveniently timed heat, because you gotta kickstart the porn somehow. Also, the idea of pack is explored in a way that imagines packs as polyamourous systems, and I always love a good poly plot twist.
  7. a little advice for aspiring fires by The Byger (Teen Wolf): Stiles is an omega who sells himself at auction. Derek bought him impulsively and doesn’t really know how to alpha. Here be Stiles being talkative and adorable and Derek slowly letting his guard down and starting to snark back at him. And then, y’know, Stiles gets his heat. I like Stiles’ narrative voice here, he’s earnest and young in a way that really shines through. Derek’s alpha possessiveness and Stiles’ omega clinginess cause some problems, and they have to actually use their words and talk about their problems like adults. Also, adorable children at the end.
  8. Will Graham’s Home For Fucked Up Omegas by Not_You (Hannibal): This is maybe my favorite A/B/O fic I have ever encountered. The world building is just so good and fleshed out! Will Graham is an alpha who runs what is essentially a halfway house for omegas, and is also really really bad at self care. Hannibal is an omega who runs a similar home for alphas. One of my favorite things about this fic is that it imagines humans with much better senses of smell in addition to the other animalistic characteristics that are common to A/B/O verse. Emotions all have their own scents, and are a big part of how humans communicate. Having an impaired sense of smell is therefore much more of a disability in this world, which is also explored. It also looks at how the idea of queerness would change, and how same-dynamic attraction would be viewed as queer in such a world. I adore all of the different details and nuances that the author came up with. Huzzah for creative and exciting world building!

What’s your experience with A/B/O been? Got a favorite A/B/O fic?


On Loving Too Easily

loving too easily

I fall in love so easily, I think. I’m sitting on the floor next to a beautiful boy, playing with his hair. I’ve only known him for two months, and I know that I love him. I know it in the way that my face lights up around him, and the way I always want to be holding and being held by him. I know it in the way that my heart breaks every time he tells me that he’s not used to people being sweet to him the way that I am. He tells me that he feels like he can let his guard down around me, that he can be himself. I feel honored to get to see him this way, honored to be trusted. He is beautiful in his vulnerability. My heart aches, knowing that he’s letting his defenses down, opening himself up to being hurt and trusting that I won’t. I know that I love him as I run my fingers through his hair and hold his heart in my hands.


“I fall in love too easily,” I say. I’m talking to a close friend of mine, regarding a recent conversation I had with my then-boyfriend. The boyfriend and I had been discussing opening up our monogamous relationship to include sleeping with other people. “I can’t spend time with people, and watch them come, and learn their dreams and hopes and fears, and laugh with them, and kiss them, and discuss the tragedy of the human condition with them, and not fall in love with them,” I tell her. “I think that would be torture. I can’t be in a relationship that allows me to sleep with people but never love any of them.” She nods along, and tells me it’s good that I know my boundaries on this, and that I should be clear about them the next time I discuss this topic with my boyfriend. She says that if I know that, then I should be firm about my position. She’s right, of course. We keep eating our burritos, and the conversation moves to other things.


I’m sixteen, and I’m flirting with someone who isn’t my (monogamous) girlfriend. He’s witty and clever and his devious banter makes me feel alive. The way that we play off of each other feels electric, it feels like he lights a fire under me that makes my brain work faster, makes me rise to the challenge and give as good as I got. Friendly banter isn’t inherently romantic, so this should be fine- except I care. It happens naturally and all too easily. I care that his English grade is slipping, that he struggles with social cues and continuing to get along with our friends, that his father is cruel to him. I sit next to him when our friend group goes to restaurants and when he offers me one of his headphones, I take it and walk in step with him so we can listen to his music together. I’ll never tell him that I love him, he doesn’t need to know. I buy him a burrito so that he doesn’t have to miss out on our friend group’s hangout time, and defend him to the people he just can’t seem to get along with, and listen to him complain about my favorite teacher. It seems impossible not to love him, this problem child who’s so smart and understands me so well.


I’m crying in the middle of a sex toy store. I’ve definitely cried in more inappropriate places, but I’m still somewhat embarrassed. Matie, the owner of Self Serve, tells me not to worry about it, that I’m hardly the first person to have hangups about sex or to need to cry about them in her store. I’m talking about my abuser, and about how scared I am of falling in love with another person that wants to use me and hurt me. I tell her that I’m a person who loves so easily. I’m terrified of being abused again but I feel like putting walls up would hurt me even more. I don’t want to lose my gift for love. Even while sobbing next to the lube display, that’s what it seems like: a gift. To be able to love easily is to be able to fill your world with tenderness and caring. It is to always have something to want to fight for.

Matie tells me a story about a researcher who discovered that the key to love was vulnerability, and was pretty mad about it. She didn’t want to be vulnerable- of course she didn’t. Nobody wants to get hurt. To love and be loved, you must be vulnerable. You must open yourself up to pain in order to let the connection in. You must let yourself care. I care so deeply, so strongly; I don’t know how not to be a passionate person. I walk around open to the world, open to caring, and loving, and being loved, and being hurt. I love easily, and freely, and often. I like to think the world is that much of a better place, to have that little bit more love in it.

Adam Super Soft Review

Adam SS 3

The Adam Super Soft is my new favorite dildo, and it’s definitely my favorite out of the three Tantus Super Soft dildos I currenty own. I wasn’t expecting that at all. You see, many of the reviews I read of the Adam O2 (including Kate’s and Lunabelle’s) mentioned liking it specifically because it was pretty firm. The Adam O2 is the exact same model, but in dual density- firm core with a layer of super soft silicone on the outside. The Adam Super Soft is super soft all the way through. In fact, it’s significantly squishier than the Destiny or Vamp and I have no idea why. I was a bit worried that the softness would ruin the appeal, but for me at least, that was not at all the case.

Adam is the most realistic in the current Super Soft lineup (read: the most like a biological human penis.) I happen to quite like those. Right now, I’d say it’s one of the most realistic dildos I own, besides the lovely dark reddish-purple “Wine” color. It’s also quite heavy, and the weight with that curve means it can’t stand up on its own and will fall over when I’m trying to air-dry it or photograph it.

I was surprised by how much I liked this toy, but maybe I shouldn’t have been. It has several things I know I like: soft silicone, a curve, a tapered head. Out of the three Super Soft dildos I’ve reviewed, I like this shape the best. Destiny and Vamp are both front-loaded, which means that if you’re thrusting deeply, the toy will feel smaller at your vaginal entrance. Vamp and Adam have similar maximum girths, but Adam feels bigger because it’s that thick all the way down. Toys like the Vamp and Destiny have a “popping” sensation when the bulb goes in and then they lock into place. Adam is more of a smooth ride all the way down.

The Adam is surprisingly easy to insert, considering that it’s on the larger side for me. This has to do with how soft it is, as soft toys will always feel smaller and more gentle than similarly sized firm toys. It also has to do with the curve, because toys with a gentle curve like this are easier to get past one’s pubic bone. I thrust more with the Adam than I do with other toys of this size: heavily front-loaded toys can be resistant to thrusting, so the evenness really does the Adam a favor in that department.

Honestly, the Adam Super Soft is the closest a toy has ever come to making me feel like I’m fucking a bio cock. Personally, I really enjoy this. Especially when I’m thrusting pretty quickly, in long, deep strokes, it’s astonishingly similar to some penises I’ve been acquainted with. Whether or not this is a good thing in your book is of course completely up to you.

Adam Destiny Vamp

Family photo! L to R: Destiny, Adam, and Vamp Super Soft

If you’re looking for G-spot stimulation, I would look elsewhere. Several reviews of the Adam O2 mentioned it was good for G-spotting, but the squish of the Adam SS just can’t deliver the same kind of pressure. For me, I need a firmer material and a sharper curve if a toy is going to do anything for my G-spot. The Adam is much more about movement, fullness, and texture.

I absolutely love the texture on the Adam SS. By “texture,” I mean both the feel of the silicone and the vein detailing. Unlike the other two, I can really feel the veins on the Adam, because they’re more prominent and there’s more of them. The matte silicone on the body of the toy is some of the nicest I’ve ever encountered; it’s soft, smooth, and really lovely. The glossy head with matte shaft is an unusual and interesting one, and I’ve decided I’m in favor of it. I don’t think this toy would lose much appeal if the whole thing was matte, but it does look aesthetically appealing to me and it might help a bit with initial insertion (less friction). In use, the combination of matte + veins + squishy adds up to a toy that my vagina really loves. There’s a bit of friction to grab onto, some change in texture to keep things interesting during thrusting, and enough give to make it fun to clench on.

I adore the Adam Super Soft. I recommend it to anyone who likes moderately large squishy toys, gentle but noticeable texture, and/or realistic shapes in unrealistic colors. If you want one, you can pick one up at Tantus or SheVibe!

The Adam Super Soft was sent to me free of charge by Tantus in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. Thank you, Tantus!

On Gendered Terms and Being a Domme


In general, I’m frustrated by and opposed to needlessly gendered terms. They’re so unnecessary. I think it’s ridiculous to change a title just because the gender of the person changes. Take for example the words “actor” and “actress.” They mean exactly the same thing, except one is feminine and one is masculine. I tend to call myself an actor, because I am a person who acts. My job isn’t any different than that of an actor of any other gender, so I don’t see the need to differentiate.

Yet I understand and share the frustration with gender neutral words that originally referred to men and now refer to all genders, actor included. I see how this can encourage and reinforce the idea of the male default, that male is normal and typical and other genders are strange and unusual. If we lump everyone together under originally male terms, it can feel like we’re losing the differences between genders and saying “just be more normal and masculine already.” It does bug me to know that “actress” will never become a gender neutral term, but “actor” can be used as gender neutral. I am exhausted by this idea of gender neutrality that really means women should be more masculine and fall under male terms.

Coming from both of those places, of preferring gender neutral terms whenever possible, but also of being annoyed by the masculinity of the supposedly gender neutral, I call myself a domme. When it comes to acting, I feel like it’s the same basic job no matter who’s doing it. I don’t feel that way about domination. In our world and our culture, the idea of a dominant woman is still subversive, still contrary, still makes people uncomfortable. A dominant man is just filling the expected social role, but a dominant woman challenges those social roles. These are such different ideas in a world where the social expectations for men and women are so different that yes, I think we need different words for them.

I call myself a domme because my identity as a dominant is so affected by and wrapped up in my identity as a woman. I clearly have some conflicting feelings about words and gender, but this is the position I’ve settled on. If someone is going to refer to me as a dominant, I want everyone in the conversation to know that I am a woman. I don’t want people to assume that I’m a man because I’m taking on a dominant role. My dominance is wrapped up in and tangled with my woman-ness, and I don’t feel like I can separate the two. My kink role is always interacting with my social role, and my expected gender role. I wish that we lived in a society where all terms could be gender neutral, and where I didn’t have to choose between typing out the word “dominant” and gendering myself. I wish I lived in a world where the idea of a dominant woman was neither strange nor upsetting. Tragically, I live in this world, and this is the way that I’m going to try to navigate through it.

Do you use gendered or ungendered kink terms and honorifics? How did you come to those decisions?

Destiny Super Soft Review


Today I get to review another Tantus Super Soft dildo for y’all! That big shiny copper thing is the Destiny Super Soft, the second toy in Tantus’ new line of soft, squishy dildos. It’s the soft version of the Tantus Raptor, which is currently in closeout.

The copper color is gorgeous, of course, it’s lovely and shiny and an underused color in mainstream dildos. The Destiny has beautiful vein detailing. Unfortunately, all it is is beautiful, because most of it is down around the balls where you can’t insert it.

The Destiny has approximately the same level of squish that the Vamp does, and I cannot for the life of me come up with a better comparison that a soft art eraser. Suffice it to say that it has quite a bit of give, but it’s far from the floppy pillow-soft silicone found in fantasy toys and also has quite a bit of substance. Softness is always helpful when one is trying to set a new size record: the Destiny is 1.9″ diameter at its widest point, making it the largest thing that’s ever been inside of my vagina at time of writing! I would like to personally thank everyone on Twitter who congratulated me on this momentous occasion. Y’all’re great.

Let’s talk about these balls for a second. Personally, I find them to be kind of in the way, and I don’t really like the aesthetic of them. They mostly serve to make the Destiny really heavy. The ad copy talks about how the balls can hang outside of a strap-on harness for a more “realistic” experience, but I think it’s odd to talk about realism with a dildo that only vaguely resembles a human penis and only comes in copper and purple. The balls themselves are small, even, and pert, and not very realistic, and the coronal ridge is way more defined and abrupt than a real one. These aren’t bad things about this dildo, and it’s okay for a dildo to be an interpretation of a penis rather than an exact copy. I just wish the ad copy was more matched to the actual toy it’s trying to sell.


I have mixed feelings about the shape of this toy. It’s very much front-loaded and has a pretty sharp coronal ridge, which means it’s going to pop when it’s inserted. Long time readers will remember that I don’t love a sharp popping sensation, but I do appreciate the way that front-loaded toys “lock” into the vagina and hang out there. This makes the Destiny a terrible toy for thrusting, at least for me. The bulbous head also means that the girth increases really quickly and bluntly, which isn’t great for a toy that’s larger than you’re used to. A tapered tip like on the Vamp is a more gentle way to increase size. If you’re unlike me and are comfortable with two inches, then of course this isn’t going to be a problem for you.

For me, the shape means that the most comfortable and pleasurable thing to do with this toy is just leave it in and clench around the bulb, maybe wiggling it ever so slightly. In this size and firmness, I found this to be really intense and also really fun. Because it’s a bit of a stretch for me, I felt a really intense, lovely fullness when I squeezed, and especially during orgasm when my vaginal muscles contracted.

I recommend the Destiny Super Soft to anyone who likes big, squishy dildos, isn’t too bothered by balls on dildos, and likes a very front-loaded toy. Also, anyone who’s into rad metallic colors!

You can buy the Destiny Super Soft from Tantus!

The Destiny Super Soft was provided to me free of charge by Tantus in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. Thank you, Tantus!

On Ballroom Dance, Domspace, and Platonic Power Exchange

dancing shoes

Last semester, on a whim, I took a ballroom dance class. I’ve always enjoyed partner dances and social dancing, but I’d never really learned any vocabulary. In my dance class, our teacher let us pick our dance roles- leader or follower- regardless of gender or any other trait, which I thoroughly appreciated. I decided to be a lead, also kinda on a whim. I think my whole thought process was “I want to dance with pretty girls!” At the time, it didn’t feel like a big deal, since the teacher was cool with it and we have a handful of other female-presenting leads in the class.

The other day, I showed up to dance class tired and grumpy. My teacher corrected my positioning, which is literally her job and she was perfectly polite about it, but it didn’t help with the grumpiness. I went to dance with a friend of mine, and proceeded to be a very poor lead and get us all tangled up. I apologized to her and mentioned that I did not at all feel like I was in a good headspace to be leading. I was stressed and preoccupied and felt like shrinking away and hiding. She said she could tell. This friend happens to know that I’m a switch, and she started bratting at me. She said “come on, boss me around” and “make me move.” It was terribly effective. Suddenly, it was a challenge, a goading taunt from someone who wants you to overpower them, but only after you’ve earned it. I got bossy, spurred on by her mischievous grin and the amazing power of brats to get a rise out of me. My leading improved drastically after that.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this incident, because it’s taught me a couple of things. Firstly, the headspace I need to lead a dance is eerily similar to domspace. I have to be assertive, self-confident, willing to make decisions and follow through on them, and maintain control of the situation. I have to communicate to my partner what I want them to do, and show them where I want us to go. For both activities, leading a dance and domming in a scene, it is crucial that I be in the right kind of headspace. As demonstrated by my bratty friend, sometimes headspaces can be influenced by people or situations, and I can get where I need to be. But if I try to take the lead when I am in no way emotionally prepared for it, it’s not going to end well.

A second valuable lesson I’ve learned from leading is how to be forceful without being harmful, and how to find that limit for different partners. Sometimes when I’m domming, I’ll get super anxious about being too bossy, too mean, going too hard, and upsetting or injuring my sub. This is a valid and useful fear, but I can get in my head about it and become completely incapable of being dominant. Nonverbal communication in dance requires physical connection with your partner and touch cues, like raising your hand or guiding your partner with a hand on their back. You have to have enough connection and push hard enough that they understand you, but not so hard that you bruise their ribs or anything. Figuring out this kind of balance in leading has been helpful to me in finding that balance in being dominant.

Thirdly, I love platonic power exchange. It can be so useful, like helping me to perform well in class or in the case of productivity domming, when someone (consenually) bosses you into getting your work done. It also does good things for my mental and emotional health. Kink, to me, is not just a fun thing to do during sex. It’s an inherent part of how I interact with and experience the world. The give and take of power is present in all kinds of human interactions, and I am especially aware of and in tune with these power exchanges. To me, that’s what being kinky is all about.

Fanfiction Roundup: Daddy Kink

pocket penis 1a

I’ve waxed poetic about my love for Daddy/Mommy kink from both sides and talked about how it feels to switch in between those two roles. Now I want to share some of my favorite Daddy kink fanfictions! As with many kinks, there are all kinds of different flavors and varieties of Daddy kink, and I’ve tried to include several of them. Without any further ado:

  1. Whatever You Say, Daddy by Triangulum (Teen Wolf): In which Lydia is tired of clumsy young boys and goes in search of a daddy who knows what they’re doing. She ends up with two. This is the classic “young slut tries to seduce older man, gets more than she bargained for” scenario. I love a good double penetration scene, and Lydia discovering how much she loves being her daddies’ fuck doll. Also, the “daddy knows best, only daddy knows how to take care of you” angle is just excellent.
  2. Family Man by Skull4601 (The Avengers): The Avengers are a poly family that roleplay as an actual family. Steve is the team dad, Thor is his housewife, Clint is a teenager, Tony is the precocious ten year old, Bruce is a little kid, and Natasha’s the baby. This one is less porn and more feelings, and talks a lot about what each of the characters get out of their respective roles. I love that, I love how much sense it makes that Tony would want to be a clever kid again and Steve would want to take care of people. I can really relate to feeling like you need a kink role on a deep emotional level.
  3. How Close is Close? by Julibean19 (Teen Wolf): Jackson and Stiles reconnect in a BDSM club. Jackson figures out that Stiles could use a daddy and volunteers for the job. I totally relate to Stiles’ feelings about being sick of being the adult all the time and just wanting someone who cares as much as he does. Featuring clothed/naked shenanigans, possessiveness, and the very pinnacle of gentle, loving domination.
  4. Take Me Home by Not_You (The Avengers): This one is part of a larger series, but I feel like the porn makes sense on its own. Set in a D/s universe, Nick Fury is a jaded dom and Natasha is a traumatized but recovering sub. He takes her home, she calls him daddy, the rest is history (and porn). I love how earnestly submissive Natasha is here, how much she really wants to please her daddy and how much she cares that he’s comfortable and happy. There’s a focus here on how much trust and care a dynamic like this requires, and it gives me feelings.
  5. Daddies Dearest by razielim (Percy Jackson): Nico is a bratty baby who knows just how to get what he wants from his daddies. I have definitely pulled the “dress in a provocative outfit and act like an innocent child who has no idea why their big is so wound up” game. It’s a fun game. Also, spitroasting.
  6. Proper Playground Behavior by Not_You (Hannibal): This is also part of a larger series but works well as a standalone. Hannibal and Will are in an established relationship, and Will works up the courage to ask about ageplay and wanting to go to an ageplay event at the BDSM club they frequent. There’s lots of nonsexual ageplay like coloring and making snacks for little one, and also Hannibal being the brattiest little ever and jumping Will’s bones. Overall, it’s a great balance of the two. Beware mentions of cannibalism play, but nothing on-screen.
  7. Teenage Dream (Like I’m Livin’ a) by sullacat (The Avengers): One of my favorite things about fanfiction is all of the tropes where characters get in a weird contrived situation where they have to pretend to be in love and then catch feelings. Seriously, we have invented so many storylines to put our favorite characters through this angsty and incredibly unlikely scenario. Darcy has to go undercover as a little, and Clint has to pretend to be her daddy. So of course, they have to practice pretending to be in a dynamic. And they have to cultivate tumblrs full of ddlg porn. And of course Darcy has to suck Clint’s cock- because they need a distraction, not because she wants to. Let the fake relationship feels begin!
  8. Dyke Daddy Derek Hale by Spitshine (Teen Wolf): Who needs gender roles? Not femme leather daddy Derek or nonbinary slut Stiles. To be fair, if I met a femme leather daddy in a bar who was hard packing, I would probably also want to blow them in an alleyway. Stiles lifts their skirt and gets fucked up against a wall in that alleyway while strangers watch. Pure glorious genderfuckery leather daddy porn.
  9. Babies by Not_You (The Avengers): More poly Avengers family! In this one, Bruce is everyone’s daddy and there are many orgies. Pepper sometimes plays big sister, and sometimes she’s Mama, which makes my heart happy. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find mommy domme porn? Seriously, there isn’t nearly enough, and if you know of any good fanfics with mommy dommes, let me know. I love all the precious babies and sweetness and caretaking in this fic, it’s adorable.



Annamarie in the Middle’s First Blogiversary!


Wow. So I’ve been doing this sex blogging thing for like a year now. In some ways, that’s a long time to stick with a project. In other ways, it hardly feels like any time at all. On June 20th of 2016 I decided to finally take the leap and launch my own blog. I had been voraciously devouring sex blogs since the previous November, and had created my own sex-positive Twitter that April. I wanted to do more. I had thoughts and opinions and a great love for this online space, and wanted to stretch my writing muscles. And I’m so glad I did.

Sex and sex positivity might be an unusual thing to be a nerd about, but one of my very favorite things about being a blogger is getting to be in a community with people who are just as weird as me in similar ways. I am passionate about comprehensive sex education, soft silicone dildos, access to contraception, spanking, lube safety, daddy kink, and destroying the stigma around sex. Getting to write about these things and get feedback from people who are just as passionate as me is such an honest simple joy. My favorite memories of this year of blogging involve other bloggers: getting fantasy toy sizing recommendations from Lunabelle, discussing pet play with Curious Kitt and the Chameleons, shouting about daddy kink with Taryn. Nerds love being around other nerds, and sex nerds are no exception.

Besides the community, my other favorite thing about sex blogging is honestly the writing itself. I hadn’t realized, before I started blogging, how much I missed getting to write things that were just for me and not for school. When I was younger, I wrote a lot of poetry. I loved doing that. I loved making the words fit together, I loved shaping the lines so that they fit, I loved the musicality of the words and their rhythm, I loved how I could paint pictures and create feelings with my words. I fell out of practice with it. Blogging feels like rekindling that old love of words and writing and creation, just in a different way. I’m an artist, and I’m so much happier when I get to be doing some kind of creative work.

I’ve learned a lot from this year of blogging. First: blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. Yes, I knew this before, yes, I had heard other bloggers say this. What they hadn’t said is that the money-making side is its own work on top of the work of writing and upkeep, and it’s time consuming and tedious and if you’re busy you might not be able to do it. What they hadn’t said is it’s completely easy to do this for a year and not earn any money whatsoever, that you probably will only get very little recognition, that you shouldn’t expect any success at all. What they hadn’t said is that’s not the only reason to do this, that even though there’s a focus on monetization, even though writing is work and bloggers do deserve to be compensated if they do any work for your company, there is also great satisfaction in writing something that you’re proud of and that you care about and sending it out into the world. Money isn’t the only measure of success, even if capitalism keeps trying to tell us it is. You’re allowed to be proud of your art and feel accomplished even if you never make a dime off of it. You’re allowed to love your art for the process of creating it and not for what it brings you later. Don’t do this for the money. Do it because you love the topic and the writing, or don’t do it at all.

Secondly, on a related note: don’t compare yourself to other people. Especially not people who have been doing this for years and are much more experienced than you. Also, in the weird world of the internet, sometimes some people go viral very quickly and experience a lot of success while the rest of us are still trudging along. That’s okay, and it doesn’t make you a bad person. I got much happier when I decided to focus hard on my writing and making it wonderful instead of on the number of Twitter followers I have.

I’m so glad I decided to do this weird crazy blogging thing. And I’m glad I decided to stick with it through my own doubts, fears, and insecurities, and not give up on myself. I’m not sure how long I’ll want to be blogging, but I hope I’m in it for the long haul. I want to keep writing. I want to stay in this corner of the internet for a while. I hope I can make it a little bit brighter and better while I’m here.

Tantus Vamp Super Soft Review


It’s no secret that I adore soft, squishy silicone toys. So when Tantus announced a super soft version of their popular Vamp dildo, I just about squealed. Historically, very soft silicone has been found only from small indie dildo crafters and on fantasy toy sites. It’s been damn near impossible to find a large company making high quality toys out of soft silicone. It’s also hard to find realistic soft toys made out of safe materials, because generally that’s not what fantasy companies are producing. I’m so incredibly excited that Tantus has stepped up to the plate to fill this market.

Tantus has made a Vamp out of their firm silicone for years, and it’s one of their more popular toys. I never owned it because I know how hard their firm silicone is, and that I can’t handle a 1.75″ diameter toy in that density. Firm toys feel bigger and more intense than soft toys, and my vagina prefers things in the smaller and/or softer range. If you are a card carrying member of size royalty and/or a person who enjoys very firm toys, this is probably not the dildo for you. There’s going to be very little overlap in people who love the original firm Vamp and people who love the Vamp Super Soft, because density really makes a huge difference in use.

First and foremost, this toy is quite squishy. Tantus did not let me down with the super soft! It’s not the softest silicone I’ve ever encountered; it falls in the “slightly stale gummy bear” range of densities and is comparable to Damn Average’s Soft. It’s both bendy and has a decent amount of give when you squeeze it. I’m again reminded of an artist’s eraser when squeezing this toy, if that helps anyone.

As you can see in the photos, the Vamp has pretty prominent vein detailing on it. However, in silicone this soft, that texture goes completely unnoticed in my vagina. My vaginal walls just aren’t as good at picking that stuff out as my fingertips are. If you want a vagina to notice texture, it needs to be really big, quite firm, or both. As it is, it’s just a pleasing visual detail that adds to the realism. I mean, as realistic as a vaguely penis-like toy can get when it only comes in copper and purple.


In use, I really love the tapered tip followed by the bulge at the coronal ridge. The taper makes it easier to insert, which my delicate flower of a vagina thoroughly appreciates. The bulge at the end of the head means the toy kinda locks into me and doesn’t want to slip out, which is something that I personally quite like. Something to note is that the Vamp has a completely straight shaft, which matters if you’re trying to target an internal erogenous zone such as the G-spot or prostate: it probably won’t do that. G-spot stimulation is also possible with bulbed heads, but I find that the head of the Vamp is moderate enough and soft enough that it doesn’t really do much to my G-spot. Admittedly, my G-spot is not very sensitive and likes very firm pressure, so your mileage may vary.

The thing I love this toy for is having a big squishy thing inside of me to clench around. I know that’s not going to do it for everyone, but boy does it do it for me. I don’t typically thrust dildos very much. Call it laziness, or possibly that I’m usually holding my phone with one hand and my vibe with the other. Or maybe I just like clenching on dildos. Especially during orgasm, when the vagina contracts involuntarily, I really like having something large and squeeze-able to contract around. The shape of this toy is pretty darn simple, but it works beautifully for that in ways that curved or bulbous toys don’t.

I think the other thing this toy is great for is size training. If you are someone like me, who’s pretty comfortable with dildos of 1.5″ diameter and wants one step up size wise, I can’t recommend this toy enough. The tapered tip combined with the squish makes the Vamp Super Soft a perfect introduction to larger toys. Soft materials make big toys easier to take, but they can make small toys feel underwhelming. Definitely take your own definitions of “small” and “big” into account when considering this toy, because they can vary so much from person to person.

If a great, squishy, moderately large, straight dildo sounds like your kind of party, pick up a Vamp Super Soft at Tantus or SheVibe!

The Vamp Super Soft was provided to me free of charge by Tantus in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. Thank you Tantus!

Materialism and My Dildo Collection

toy tray

I own a fair few dildos. Not nearly as many as some of my blogging idols, but way more than my non-sex-toy-geek friends. I love buying new dildos. I love the cool and interesting shapes they can come in, and I’m especially a fan of the beautiful colors you can find in indie and fantasy dildo craft shops. When there’s a sex toy in the mail on its way to me, I check the tracking frequently and get really excited and impatient as it gets closer. Unboxing is one of my favorite parts, when all the excitement comes to a head. I’ll spend several minutes fondling my new toy, being surprised by how different it looks in person, oohing and ahhing and taking pictures and just getting familiar with it.

But here’s the thing: I don’t really use my dildos terribly often. I love to acquire them and to have them and to look at what beautiful pieces of art some of them are, but I do less of the actual putting them in my holes. I have a fairly low libido to begin with, and a vagina that can be finicky about penetration. Many days, it’s a struggle to get anything bigger than one finger inside of myself without pain, and that’s no fun. It can take a really long time for me to warm up for my favorite toys, and it can be a tedious, painstaking process, with the constant threat of pain and an early end to the penetration if I dare to go to fast. I’m a busy person, and I don’t always have time for a long drawn out masturbation session. I usually just want to have a quick orgasm to relieve the tension and then get back to being busy. It’s just so much easier to come with a clit vibe and not do all that work. Maybe once a month I’ll have a really good session where I just want to put all the things in my vagina, but usually my insertables just sit around gathering dust (and lint.)

It seems terribly materialist, to like owning things that I don’t typically use for their intended purpose. I love to try out my dildos when they’re all shiny and new, but then I tend to gravitate towards a few favorites and don’t use the others. And yet, I love having them and I don’t want to give them up. To be fair, a large chunk of my dildo collection falls in the “not for everyday use” category: toys that are large, have a lot of texture, or are otherwise too intense for my vagina except when it’s being unusually cooperative. I’d hate to lose these toys because while I might only use them every couple of months, they’re absolutely amazing when I can take them.

I have a lot of guilty feelings about loving having things for the sake of having them. It feels shallow and superficial, like I’ve succumbed to the great capitalist machine that demands I be a rabid and conspicuous consumer. When I first starting accumulating dildos, I struggled with feeling like I couldn’t justify spending money on my sex life because my libido is rather low. How could I invest in something like my Magic Wand and then only use it every other week? I did eventually get past this, as demonstrated by how my sex toy storage is currently full to bursting. I decided that my sexuality is important to me, and that it’s okay for me to prioritize it. Also, it can be really difficult to know whether or not you’ll like a toy before you try it, and finding that some of them just don’t jive with your body is kind of inevitable.

These days, I try to take a step back and say “do I want that dildo because it’s pretty? because I like buying new presents for myself? or because I actually think I’ll use and enjoy it as a sex toy?” I still sometimes end up with pretty colorful sculptures that spend very little time in my vagina. I’m still working on balancing my love for acquiring new things with only acquiring things I actually want and think I’ll like. I’ll let you know how successful I am, based on how quickly I need yet another storage container for my sex toy collection.