These are all the blogs that I personally follow and keep up with!

  • Artemisia Femmecock: is a wonderful human with a queer femme perspective. She has awesome rope tutorials, packing videos, and an epic list of vegan sex things as well as reviews
  • Hey Epiphora: does witty, snarky, entertaining, feminist sex toy reviews, one of the most dependable, honest reviewers in the business
  • Dangerous Lilly: is a wonderful resource on sex toy safety, including toxic sex toys, various materials, porosity, and dangerous lubes, and does brutally honest sex toy reviews
  • Oh Joy Sex Toy: does reviews in comic form, with awesome guest artists
  • The Ins and Outs with Erika Lynae: she does excellent video reviews, although I prefer to read the provided transcripts (hurray for options!)
  • Girly Juice: one of my all-time favorite blogs and blogging idols, she writes about sex, kink, fashion, sex toys, big sexual issues, and has wonderful how-to guides
  • The Deaf Queer: he writes great toy reviews, very thorough and helpful
  • The Redhead Bedhead: does incredibly important work regarding sex and depression. Also, shares my vibe preferences (broad stim, especially wands)
  • Ninja Sexology: a girth enthusiast who takes amazing photos of sex toys, often paired with children’s toys, which I love, and has some great personal stories and guides about being a size queen and training your vagina to accommodate more girth
  • Fist You Podcast: an awesome podcast about sex, kink, and toys, that often veers into other topics and also makes me laugh. Very chill, feels like I’m just chatting with my queer friends
  • Marvelous Darling: reviews of sex toys, discussions of other aspects of her sex life (like birth control) and also beauty posts about femme stuff
  • Ella Dawson: writes about having herpes, herpes stigma, emotional abuse, systemic injustice, and other important feminist issues