Annamarie in the Middle’s Second Blogiversary!



Hello friends! It’s officially been two years since I took the leap and launched this here sex blog. It’s been an absolutely wild ride.

As you may have noticed, my blog went quiet for three months. I graduated from university, moved into my first apartment, and started a new job. And then my laptop died. My apologies for the impromptu hiatus! I’m happy to be back and return to our regularly scheduled programming.

In the past year, I’ve written some things I’m really proud of. By far the most popular was about platonic power exchange and partner dancing. I’m pleased as punch that this one is the one that made the rounds, because kink and power is so tied up in my daily life, and it really does make me happier and healthier. Re-reading it now, it still rings true to my deep feelings about kink, as well as being a cute story about the magical power of cute bratty friends.

I also wrote several pieces in a series on caregiver/little kink and its role in my sex life, complained about unicorn hunters who are bad at online dating profiles, pondered the connections between physical size and dominance, and the thrill of subversion, posited that kink is basically a giant trust exercise, decided I’m a cat person but a dog-person, attempted to tease apart my complicated feelings of penis envy, and wrote some fanfiction roundups of A/B/O, polyamory, and daddy kink.

In more personal news, I’m still dating the same two lovely partners I was with at this time last year, and those relationships have grown, changed, and explored all kinds of new things, I started seeing a new human in December, and I continue to brave the garbage fire of online dating in search of novelty, excitement, and connection. I feel more connected with my switch-ness and grounded in my caregiver and little roles. I identify less with asexuality than I used to. As the penis envy post suggests, I’m chewing on this whole gender expression thing and playing with my presentation.

I would also like to share with y’all some of my favorite search terms people found my site with in the past year, because they are a riot.

Sex toy related ones include:

  • “tentacle dildo red”– I have a tentacle dildo pink?
  • “wife tantus acute”– sorry friendo I am happily single
  • “njoy pure plug review”– how many pages of google did you have to scroll through to find mine? 10? 20?
  • “njoy pure plug all day”– I have not done this, it sounds like a challenge that would require a lot of lube and probably make my butt very sore
  • “large tantus sex toys”– I adore my¬†Adam and Destiny Super Softs, and a review of the Hero is coming very soon! (Spoiler: it’s great. I adore the Super Soft line.) I guess it depends on your definition of “large.”
  • “very soft dildo”– the Tails and Portholes Leviathan is the squishiest dildo I own! Again, see Tantus’ amazing Super Soft line.

There’s also some great fanfiction ones:

  • does smut is porn”– Yes. Yes it is.
  • “hogwarts gangbang fanfiction”– I’m guessing this person found this fanfiction in my gangbang roundup– it’s not all of Hogwarts, it’s pretty much just the Gryffindor boys, but it’s still highly recommended
  • “harry potter fanfiction”– again, how many pages did you scroll???
  • “best abo dynamics fics”– I personally love these a whole lot!

In terms of Future Blog Plans and Projects: I have a few reviews I’m working on, some more rants about online dating, and a few salacious kink tales for y’all to look forward to in the coming weeks. Here’s to another year of exploration, musings, dirty fanfiction, size princess adventures, “um I think I might have a new kink??” moments, new toys, and more!