Godemiche Ambit Review


Edit 8/14/17: Due to recent actions on the part of the owners of Godemiche, I can no longer support their company or their products. The Big Gay Review wrote a post which sums up my feelings on the situation; you can find that post here. The following review will remain on my blog in its original unedited form with one exception: I have removed all affiliate links to Godemiche products.

Y’all have no idea how excited I was to get my hands on the Godemiche Ambit. Godemiche is a two-person operation based in the UK, and when I discovered them, I was stunned by the gorgeous colors in their silicone toys. Unfortunately, their trademark dildo is out of my girth comfort zone. I emailed them asking if there was any chance they’d make a smaller one, and was told one was in the works and would be out in a few months. I was super excited, and proceeded to wait. Now, here it is!  I got the Ambit as a Christmas present from my partner, and I squealed an awful lot when I saw it.

First of all, this toy is so pretty. Mine is in “Bubblegun,” a marble of pink and silver. I initially thought that would be a weird combination, but I like the way it turned out. The pink peeks out from under the silver, and mine has a splash of pink down the center that I’m really into. Godemiche’s whole thing is simple dildos in beautiful colors: they have sparkly Gleam and Effulgent collections, tiny hearts suspended in the silicone, and, my favorite, their Galaxy and Nebula dildos. I’m a sucker for hand poured marbles and pretty colors, so big points for that.


The silicone has just a little bit more give than Tantus’s firm silicone; it’s more like Vixen Creations’ single density. It does have a tendency to get turned around in the vagina. There’s a small imprinted G at the base that I use to keep it lined up, but it’s difficult to think about that while there’s thrusting happening. For me, a dildo this size is in the “filling but comfortable” category. I’m a fan of the tapered tip because it definitely makes the Ambit easier to insert than similar sized toys with blunt heads, like the Tantus Echo.

This toy does good G-spot things. I like doing quick small thrusts on my G-spot with the ridge below the head, which delivers focused pressure and makes my G-spot very happy. The silicone is fairly bendy, so I sometimes need to push down on the base to get more direct contact with my G-spot, but it’s usually not much of an issue.

The design is similar to the Tantus Acute, with the flat head and small sloping curve. You might remember that I wasn’t super impressed with the Acute’s G-spotting abilities. It worked sometimes, but could be tricky to line up correctly and was too thin and bendy to apply very firm pressure. The Ambit is bigger, has more of a curve, and has a more dramatic ridge, which makes it a much better G-spotter.


The suction cup is very effective. I didn’t realize that the Ambits sold at SheVibe came with suction cups, but they do! It is a little picky about which surfaces it wants to stick to: it likes flat walls, smooth hardwood floors, and big tiles, but it won’t stick to tiles that are smaller than the suction cup or textured walls. Suction cup dildos aren’t my personal jam, I’d rather lie in my bed while masturbating than standing or crouching to ride a dildo. I’m a lazy masturbator. I tested it out though, and it stays put through vigorous thrusting and side to side action, and has to be peeled away from the wall. If you’re looking for a body safe dildo with a hardcore reliable suction cup, this is a great option. Or you could stick it to your head and pretend to be a unicorn, whatever floats your boat.

The Ambit has an intuitive design. It’s a solid G-spotter. It comes in pretty colors (including glitter and custom options). It’s made by an awesome small company that listens to their customers and takes them into account. Also, it’s only $35! That’s an excellent price for a hand poured silicone dildo. If you’re wanting an inexpensive moderate-sized G-spot toy, the Ambit is the dildo for you.

You can find the Ambit at SheVibe!

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