Tails and Portholes Mini Poseidon Review


I’ve wanted to try a toy with a knot for forever. Call it too much werewolf smut, but they’ve always intrigued me. For my first knotted toy, I got the Mini Poseidon by Tails and Portholes. It also comes in a non-mini version, which is significantly larger.

Maybe someday I will be able to read the dimensions of a toy and accurately visualize its size, but today is not that day. I was a bit surprised by how short the Mini Poseidon is. It’s a bit shorter than the Tantus Neo, which is odd on account of how butt plugs are typically shorter than dildos. I personally like short dildos because my vagina is on the shallower end of the bell curve. With longer knotted dildos, I worry that I won’t be able to get the knot in because it’s at the end of an eight inch shaft. With my low-hanging cervix, that just ain’t happening. So, I’m personally okay with how short the Mini Poseidon is.


I picked the mini size because I knew I could handle it and I didn’t want to have to struggle to experience knotting. Keep in mind that for me, a 1.5″ diameter firm dildo like the Godemiche Ambit feels big and filling but not overwhelming. If your orifice of choice is more comfortable with girth than mine is (or if the struggle is part of your knotting fantasy) I recommend getting the larger size. Firm silicone also tends to feel more substantial, so if you’re looking for the most intense experience, go with that. The softness of the silicone means that the popping sensation is a little bit gentler. It’s still a good stretching feeling, and I’m into it. On days when I’m wanting more girth, I like using the Mini Poseidon while the Tantus Neo is in my butt, which makes the Mini Poseidon feel bigger and makes the popping sensation feel more intense.

The shaft is very small, especially the section just below the head, before the midshaft. It’s hard to feel that part, it’s almost like it’s not there. Closer to the knot, I can feel the texture better. Inserting the knot is a bit like inserting a bulbous head, there’s that sudden stretching feeling and then it fits in with a kind of pop. I love squeezing around it. Soft silicone is way more fun to clench around than firm silicone, that’s why stress balls are squishy! There’s enough resistance to feel like it’s pushing back, but enough give that I feel like I’m compressing it. I was surprised at how different squeezing on a knot is from toys where the girth is the same all the way down. The pressure is all focused in one spot, which for me landed around my G-spot, where I quite like a bit of pressure. So that was fun.


The Mini Poseidon is excellent for lazy masturbation for me because I can insert it without much warm up, and then I just leave it in there and clench around it instead of having to do a bunch of thrusting. As a person who regularly uses the Magic Wand Rechargeable through their pajama pants instead of doing any more work than that, I’m digging it. I’m also a fan of the texture. The ridges are pronounced enough that even in the solid soft firmness, I can feel them. It’s enough to be interesting but not so much that it’s crazy intense or detracts from the knot. The blunt head, in addition to being visually appealing, creates a small popping sensation in comparison with the big pop of the knot, which is kinda cool.

One complaint: I really wish the section below the knot was about half an inch longer. As it is, the knot barely makes it past my vaginal opening. It would be more comfortable for use as a vaginal plug if it sat on the other side of my pubic bone. I end up pushing down on the base to get it in as far as humanly possible. Your mileage may vary, of course, I can hardly presume to speak for all pubic bones. But if yours is prominent and situated close to your vaginal entrance, like mine is, you might have a bit of difficulty getting the knot to sit in a comfortable spot.

Overall, I’m happy with my first knotting experience. I definitely enjoy the sensation of knotting! I’m thrilled that the Mini Poseidon helped me realize that long-held fantasy without intimidating my vagina with girth or crazy texture. There aren’t a lot of knotted dildos this small, and I’m glad I was able to start with a size that’s well within my comfort zone. I recommend this toy to anyone who’s curious about knotting but doesn’t want to push their girth limits.

You can buy the Mini Poseidon from Tails and Portholes!



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