Doc Johnson The Li’l End Butt Plug Review


Oh lord, this toy. Let me tell you a story. Over a year ago, I found myself wanting to buy my very first butt plug. I had a very small amount of anal experience: enough to know that I like it but not enough to have inserted anything larger than a single finger. So of course I wanted a small beginner’s plug. I made a trip to Self Serve Toys and I ended up buying two (they were having a BOGO 1/2 off sale). I got the Doc Johnson Li’l End as well as the Doc Johnson Mood Naughty 2 in small during that shopping trip, and for a few months they were my only anal toys.


Li’l End compared to Tantus Little Flirt

The Li’l End is a pretty shimmery pink, 1″ diameter at the widest point, and very inexpensive, only $13 at SheVibe. It’s made of soft squishy silicone, very bendy and pliable. This was my first soft silicone toy; all the silicone I had encountered previously was rock hard. As evidenced by later toy purchases, I ended up loving the softness because it’s very comfortable and forgiving. Butt plugs made of harder materials are often more noticeable and more stimulating, but they can quickly grow uncomfortable. Toys with a curve have the same effects. To give some examples, my njoy pure plug, which is both curved and made of steel, is strictly a playtime plug for me. The Tantus Little Flirt, which is made of a firm but flexible silicone and is small and straight, can be worn for much longer periods of time. I also quite liked the shape of the Li’l End, even though it’s a very simple classic shape for a butt plug. The small tip and gradual increase in girth made insertion a bit easier than it is with front-loaded toys. I found thrusting to be easy with this plug, as it’s a bit longer than some other plugs and has no texture or curve that might impede thrusting. When in motion, the largest part of the plug slid in and out, which gave a stretch at my opening that I very much like.


However, this toy has a few fatal flaws. Firstly, for the life of me I cannot get it to stay in. I do not have this problem with any of my other small plugs of this size. Instead of remaining in my butt, like plugs are supposed to do, this plug is forever slipping right out. I think this has to do with the largest part of the plug being only infinitesimally larger than the neck. Without a small neck for my butt to close around, it just falls right out. Secondly, goodness gracious that base is huge. I understand now why other reviewers make such a fuss about butt plug bases. They make all the difference in whether or not a toy is enjoyable. This base does not fit between my butt cheeks. I have doubts that it would fit between any human’s butt cheeks. I have tried to fold the base to the sides in order to squeeze it between my butt cheeks, but it inevitably unfolds and pops out. With the base all the way on the other end of my butt cheeks, the plug is barely inserted, which also leads to the plug falling out. So, that base is two kinds of unpleasant and inconvenient.

As much as I loved the squishy silicone, I just can’t recommend the Li’l End Butt Plug because it does not function as a plug. If you want a small butt plug, I recommend the Tantus Little Flirt if you want a tapered tip, the Mood Naughty 2 in small if you want something curved and front loaded, or the njoy Pure Plug in small if you want lots of prostate or G-spot stimulation.


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