KinkCraft Figure-8 Cuffs Kit Review


Y’all, I’m really excited. Look at these gorgeous cuffs that I made! For those of you who aren’t familiar with KinkCraft, they’re a small business based in the UK that makes handmade kink gear, and what makes them special is they also have online courses that teach you how to make said kink gear yourself! As a person who likes to be tied up and also likes crafts like knitting, their whole concept makes me really happy. The way it works is you can either buy the online course by itself, or a kit that includes all the necessary materials as well, and it’s a kit that I’m reviewing today. I previously tried and reviewed their Mini Flogger and Connected Cuffs kits, and while I really liked how easy to make and fun to use the Mini Flogger was, I really struggled with the Connected Cuffs and ended up with a pair that is too small for me to use. To be fair, the Connected Cuffs are listed as an intermediate course, and were maybe not the best to start out with. KinkCraft was kind enough to send me their beginner cuff kit, the Figure-8 Cuffs Kit.

The Figure-8 Cuffs were in fact easier to make than the Connected Cuffs. Like all their other kits, all the supplies came in a pretty gift box, with tissue paper and a ribbon to boot. One thing I liked about the Figure-8 Cuffs as compared to the Connected Cuffs is that for the Figure-8 Cuffs, all the hard parts are at the beginning and the end. Getting started can be a bit tricky, as that’s when you have to do all the measuring and make sure that everything is precisely the right length because you can’t fix it later. Also, I managed to put my o-ring in upside down and had to remove it and do it over. Finishing the cuffs involves using a lighter to seal the knots, you only have a couple of seconds while the paracord is molten to push the ends together and seal them. As you can see in the picture above, I didn’t do the neatest job. However, for most of the two hours that I spent working on these cuffs, I was just braiding. Like last time, my favorite part of making these cuffs was the braid. I enjoy the meditative repetitiveness of making the knots over and over again and watching my work materialize. I listened to music and sang along while doing the braid, which was lovely. While there are tricky parts, they are comparatively fewer than for the Connected Cuffs, and you spend a much larger portion of the time making knots. I liked that I didn’t have to stop in the middle of making the braid to worry about measurements and buckles this time. Overall, it was a much easier and less stressful experience.

I have to admit that I didn’t actually understand how the Figure-8 Cuffs work before I made them. I thought that the o-ring was permanently attached to both sides of the cuffs, and couldn’t understand how I was supposed to get my hand in and out of the side without the buckle. Well these cuffs aren’t nearly so poorly designed, rest assured. It’s one long straight piece of paracord braid: you bring the other buckle through the o-ring to make the cuffs. It’s quite brilliant, actually. If you want to make your cuffs tight, you can do that, and put them on someone’s wrists by wrapping it around one wrist, then pulling the buckle through the o-ring and around their other wrist. I like my cuffs secure, which is one of the reasons I originally opted for the Connected Cuffs, thinking they had to be much more restraining than the Figure-8 Cuffs. I made my pair a little bit bigger than necessary, so I can wriggle my hand in and out without unclasping them. That’s a totally valid option if you like the added safety feature of being able to get free in a pinch, but you can also make them tighter so that it’s not possible. Hurray for having options! In use, the Figure-8 Cuffs work nicely: they keep my wrists together and don’t get in the way. I can turn my wrists around inside of them, which is convenient for positioning, and again, depends on how tight you make them. Paracord is not the softest material, and can cause some chafing. Personally, I don’t mind at all, as I enjoy the roughness. Just be aware of the potential for rugburn and proceed accordingly.

Overall, I’m thrilled with the Figure-8 Cuffs Kit. KinkCraft makes quality, durable products, and the kits provide the ability to customize your gear as wanted. It was significantly easier to make than the Connected Cuffs, and I think the Figure-8 Cuffs are a much better option for those of us who aren’t paracord craft experts. If you want the easiest craft possible, the Mini Flogger is the way to go, as it is both simpler and less time consuming. If you want to make your own cuffs, definitely go for the Figure-8 Cuffs Kit.

If you want a pair of Figure-8 Cuffs, you can get the kit, the online course alone, or buy it ready-made, all from KinkCraft’s site.

I was sent the Figure 8 Cuffs Kit in exchange for an honest unbiased review.

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