Old Reliable: Sliquid Sassy Review


To start off, you should know that I am very, very picky about my lube. There are many people who have vaginas that do not require extra lubrication in order to insert things into their vaginas. I am decidedly not one of them. There are also many people who do not have sensitive skin, and whose bodies can handle all of the perfumes and dyes without any kind of reaction, and this is also not me. (Blame the red hair, we have sensitive skin.) Some people may not care much about the scent, taste, texture, consistency, longevity, stickiness, or way their lube feels after it dries, but boy howdy, am I not that kind of person.

Sliquid Sassy is a thick water based lube. It’s vegan, free of glycerine and parabens, pH balanced, and $15 for 4.2 oz. On the bottle, Sliquid calls it a “booty gel” because the thicker formula was designed for anal use, but I also use it vaginally. I really appreciate Sliquid’s commitment to body safety. I originally discovered them after Dangerous Lilly’s post on lube alerted me to the fact that I was using a lube with icky, potentially harmful ingredients. Sliquid’s whole mission is to create lubes that aren’t icky and won’t harm your bits: which sounds like it should be a given, but unfortunately isn’t in the sex industry.

Sliquid Sassy is my go-to lube, and here’s why: It has no taste, whatsoever. I have had some bad experiences with going to give someone oral, only to discover that their genitals tasted like Satan’s armpit due to the lube they had been using. Running to wash your mouth out can really ruin a moment. It also has no smell, which for me is not as great as a good smell, but miles better than a weird or off-putting smell. In use, Sliquid is noticeably thicker than my natural lubrication,. This can make it feel oddly heavy and smother-y on my vulva, but it’s really helpful for silicone toys that create a lot of friction. For anal play, the thickness helps create a thorough coat of lube which cushions the anal walls and makes penetration more comfortable. It also doesn’t get gummy or tacky, like some thick gel lubes can.


My lube pet peeve is when lubes dry sticky. It’s like, what the hell? Aren’t lubrication and stickiness kind of opposites? I also just hate sticky things, I always have to wash my hands after eating oranges because otherwise they feel sticky. Sliquid Sassy does not become sticky when it dries. It just dries. It’s great. It leaves a slight residue, a bit like after applying lotion, but it’s not very noticeable.

A few complaints: this lube doesn’t last very long. Especially for anal use, I have to reapply often if I don’t want to get internal rugburn. Your mileage may vary, especially if you have a vagina that produces more natural lubrication than mine. However, I wouldn’t recommend this lube for long-term silicone anal plug wear. 45 minutes is about my limit before I need to take my plug out and add more lube. With a metal plug, like my njoy Pure Plug, it’s about an hour. In any kind of public situation where reapplying every hour or more would be inconvenient/impossible, try something longer lasting, like a silicone lube. (Sliquid does make a silicone lube, Silver, and a hybrid lube, Silk, but I haven’t tried either of them.)

I would just like to state that Sliquid’s, female symbol flowers, and tagline “by sensitive women, for sensible women” is unnecessarily gendered. Not everyone with a vagina is a woman, this lube can be used for all sorts of activities that do not involve vaginas, and it’s marketed as an anal lube, anyway. Guess what, Sliquid? Everyone has an anus.

Sliquid is not a particularly fancy lube. It’s not going to taste like strawberries or tingle, and it probably won’t revolutionize your sex life. What it will do is lubricate, and do it well, without any bells or whistles or obnoxious taste or distracting stickiness. It has a humble job, and it does it well. It’s a great all-purpose lube that works for vaginas, butts, and penises, so it’s great if you do a lot of sex acts but only want to drop money on one lube (like me). If that sounds like your kind of lube, then I recommend you grab a bottle.

You can pick Sliquid Sassy up at SheVibe!

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