Be Gentle With Your Butt: Tantus Neo Review


If it ever seems like I own a lot of Tantus toys, that’s because I do. Lots of times, I’ve gone searching for a toy to suit a specific purpose, and the makers of that toy just happen to be Tantus because they have such a great variety. When I was looking for a plug that would be a step up into intermediate anal play, I found the Tantus Neo. And man, am I glad I did.

The Neo has a maximum diameter of 1.4 inches and an insertable length of 4 inches. When searching for something just a little bit bigger than my 1″ diameter beginner’s plug, I discovered that there are very few options in between 1″ and 1.5″. The njoy Pure Plug in medium (which I am now a proud owner of) is a notable exception, but goodness gracious it’s expensive. I decided to take the plunge and get the Neo after being unable to find anything affordable with a diameter of 1.25″.

I chose the Neo over the more popular Ryder because the Neo has a more gradual taper, where the Ryder is thick along most of its length. Also, the underside curve on the Ryder is much sharper and would probably create a popping sensation when inserted, which I don’t like.


Tea and butt plugs: my kind of party.

This plug is fairly firm, but the whole thing feels pretty plush, and has a little bit of give to it. The Neo has what Tantus calls a “satin” finish, and it’s the most wonderful texture I’ve ever felt on a silicone toy. It’s smooth, soft, has very little drag, and dust doesn’t stick to it. This is completely different from toys with a glossy finish, which can feel sticky, have a lot of friction when they’re dry, and attract dust and lint like crazy. I wish Tantus made more toys with this texture! (Maybe a dildo someday? Please?)

Turns out, the magic of the Neo is in its shape. The tip is tapered, but not pointy, so it slides in really easily but doesn’t poke my insides. The size increases gradually enough that inserting this plug feels gentle. Somehow, they’ve got the ratio of length to width down so that it’s not too long, the size increase isn’t too sudden, and it’s still big enough to make me feel full. When in use, this plug is really comfortable. The base sits perfectly between my butt cheeks and doesn’t budge, and it’s pretty easy to forget that the base is even there. Because the Neo is completely straight, I don’t get very much pressure on my vagina or g-spot, which makes this plug much less intense than ones with a curve.

Something I dislike about the Neo is that it dries out pretty quickly. Within half an hour, I have to reapply lube or I get the sensation of rugburn inside my anus. This is frustrating because if not for that, this plug would be perfect for long-term wear because it’s so comfortable and stays put really well. The other thing is that if I just put it in and leave it there, sometimes it’s so comfortable that I don’t feel like I’m getting enough stimulation. When that happens, I pull it out a little bit and then push it back in, or take it out and reinsert it a few times. Manipulating the Neo like that feels really awesome. I’ve also used that technique as a way to warm up for anal sex, and it works wonderfully.


If you’re an absolute beginner, then the Neo is not for you. I recommend trying one of Tantus’ smaller offerings, like the new Little Flirt or the Perfect Plug, both of which have the same excellent satin texture and comfortable base as the Neo. For long-term wear, you might want to try a glass toy, or keep a bottle of lube handy.

If you’re like me and interested in a step up from intro-level plugs like those mentioned above, if you enjoy thrusting and maneuvering your anal toys, or if you want a plug of this size that’s really easy to insert, then I highly recommend the Tantus Neo.

If you want to get yourself a Neo, you can get one directly from Tantus here. And you totally should, because this butt plug is excellent.

You can also find the Tantus Neo at SheVibe.

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