10 Smutty Fanfics I Love

Explicit fanfiction is near and dear to my heart. I first discovered the erotic side of fanfiction in the Harry Potter fandom, during middle school. Last summer, smut was pivotal to my sexual reawakening and the realization that I was still a sexual being. (Specifically, Remus/Sirius porn.) Fanfiction has also helped me to discover many of my kinks. Reading a description of a very kinky fic and saying “why the hell not, I’ll give this a try” has led to me exploring lots of fetishes in a way that feels safe and controlled. And of course, smut makes excellent masturbation material. Video porn has never really been my jam, so when I want to get off, I often turn to one of these stories.

Note: many of these are very kinky and might trigger you or squick you out. Please check out the tags before reading and take care of yourself.

Here are 10 sexy fanfics you should totally check out!

10. Teeth by SushiOwl (Teen Wolf, D/s, M/M, Peter Hale/Stiles Stilinski): This is an excellent book-length fic in which Peter owns a BDSM club and Stiles is in college. They start being play partners because Stiles wants to explore his subby side, and then they fall in love. There is a bit of plot to this one, and some feelings, but mostly some excellent kinky porn. One of my favorite things about this fic is the explicit negotiation: they go through a kink list, have safewords and actually use them, and discuss things before they do them. It’s all very healthy and consensual and wonderful, and also very hot.

9. Some Water (To Put Out the Blow Torch) by tamlane (Harry Potter, noncon, M/F, Cormac McLaggen/Rose Weasley): So this fic is really dark and twisted. Cormac drugs, kidnaps, and rapes Rose. He doses her drink with a substance that makes her obey him and go along with everything he says. Cormac takes Rose home and forces her to call him Daddy, strip for him, and suck his cock, then he brutally fucks her in the ass while calling her by her mother’s name. The daddy kink here is excellent, including being told to lick a cock like it’s a lollipop. Rose is impossibly obedient, letting Cormac fuck her face and holding positions for improbably long amounts of time. Major warning for rape here.

8. She’s Got The Power In Her Hands by taylorpotato (Teen Wolf, D/s, F/F, F/M, Malia Tate/Kira Yukimura, Scott McCall/Kira Yukimura): Hurray for femslash! Kira is the subbiest sub to ever sub, Scott tries to give her what she want but he’s not quite the hardcore dom she’s looking for, and Malia is a natural domme who is more than happy to fulfill Kira’s fantasies. Here be polyamory, humiliation, public sex, and lots and lots of femdom. It’s so nice to see kinky femslash porn, that is a thing that the world could definitely use more of.

7.to study your body if your heart’s not ready by LilMysterios (Teen Wolf, a/b/o, M/M, Sheriff Stilinski/Stiles Stilinkski): This one is pure delicious filth. It’s set in omega-verse, and Stiles is a child who has just presented as an omega and has to be taken to the doctor for a check-up. The doctor then fingers him, his dad is very turned on, and they talk about Stiles instead of to him while discussing what a good, fertile, obedient omega he is. I love the idea of omegas, they’re natural subs who become inconsolably horny during heat and just want to please their Alphas and get fucked and used. Warnings for underage and parent/child incest.

6. 5 Times Lydia Goes Down on a Lady + 1 Time a Lady Goes Down on Lydia by KuriKuri (Teen Wolf, cunnilingus, F/F, Lydia Martin/all the ladies): More femslash! This one is exactly what it says on the tin. Lydia hooks up with all the ladies, and there is lots of lovely oral sex and cute banter. Definitely the most vanilla fic on this list.

5. Halloween Night by yeaka (Harry Potter, D/s, crossdressing, M/M, James Potter/Remus Lupin/Sirius Black): Remus wears a schoolgirl uniform to the Halloween party, and it turns James and Sirius on. Remus ends up in the middle of a threesome, getting fucked from both ends, not allowed to come until they say so, and being their pretty little bitch. Here be feminization. I love the dirty talk in this one, and I love how happy it makes Remus to be a good bitch.

4.Wrong But You’re So Much Fun by sneksonaplane (Teen Wolf, daddy kink, M/M, Peter Hale/Stiles Stilinski): Stiles runs a porn blog and starts talking to a sexy older man, who turns out to be Peter. This is shameless daddy kink, complete with control of when Stiles masturbates, Stiles wearing a skirt, Stiles being a needy, horny little boy, and Daddy Peter taking care of him. It’s great. Lots of sexting and the phrase “Daddy’s perfect little whore.” I dig the loving humiliation and the taking care of baby boy in a sexual way.

3. Between a Boy and a Girl by all_not_well (Harry Potter, mommy kink, daddy kink, M/M, F/M, Ginny Weasley/Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy): This one is exceptionally kinky. Harry has been cursed so that he is always horny and never gets any relief. Draco is living with Harry and Ginny as their personal sex slave and little girl. Warning for consent issues, Draco is not there of his own free will, and Harry ignores the consent of both Draco and Ginny. My favorite parts of this one are how much Ginny loves being Draco’s Mommy and disciplining her little girl.

2. Baby Boy by SushiOwl (Teen Wolf, daddy kink, M/M, Peter Hale/Stiles Stilinski) Yay, daddy kink! Stiles stumbles on FetLife.com, meets Daddy Dom Peter, and becomes his baby boy. Peter is filthy rich, spoils him rotten, and fucks him silly. Also, Peter is a werewolf and twice his age. This is another long one with a decent amount of plot to tie it all together/ As a sex toy geek, I love that Peter teaches Stiles about lube safety, and buys him Sliquid lube and Tantus dildos (including the Acute!) Stiles discovers that he really likes being a baby boy, and all is fluffy and smutty.

1. Compulsions by run_for_me (Teen Wolf, gangbang, M/M, Stiles/everyone) I love me a good gangbang. Stiles joins the pack, and because he’s the weakest member, he turns into the pack bitch. He becomes submissive towards all the other pack members, and on the full moon, they gangbang him. Lots of dirty talk, humiliation, rough fucking, and knotting. Warning for dubious consent, there is magic involved.

There you have it, my current top ten! I hope y’all enjoy reading them as much as I do.

What are your favorite smut fics? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!


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