My Butt Does Not Like Bloops: Tantus Ripple Large Review


Oh, the Tantus Ripple. Made by the incomparable Tantus, creators of beautiful high-quality silicone toys, the Ripple is often considered a gold standard in anal toys. It’s a probe, a cross between anal beads and a dildo, meant to be thrusted. It is made out of Tantus’s glossy, “flexible” silicone, so it is very bendy but very firm. I can fold it in half, but it takes all of my hand strength to get it to squish at all, which is an ideal composition for anal toys. It also comes in two sizes. The small has a maximum diameter of 1 inch, and the large, which is the one I have, has a maximum diameter of 1.5″. The small one, especially, has been lauded as the best introduction to anal play that anyone could ever have, so I was hoping for great things.


My experience with this toy was frustrating, to say the least. I got it because I was ready for more intermediate anal play, and I liked that the bloops were graduated. If I wasn’t ready for the biggest one, I didn’t have to use it. But actually inserting the bloops was difficult and uncomfortable. I could get the first two in without any trouble, but the third one resisted going into my anus. It wasn’t the size. I have used other toys that have the same maximum diameter as the Ripple without any trouble. It’s the shape. The bloops are short and fat, nearly spherical, and there’s very little taper to them. Unlike anal toys with a more pointed, tapered tip that gradually increases, the Ripple gets very wide very suddenly.


Here’s the thing: anal beads, and probes like the Ripple, are designed to create a popping sensation. The sharp, sudden contrast between large and small diameters causes an intense pop. And I don’t like it at all. Anal beads and variations on them are popular for a reason. Many people find that popping sensation pleasurable, and you could be one of them. Personally, my anus finds it too intense and overwhelming, and prefers plugs and dildos without bloops. This is one of those things that you just have to try in order to find out if you like it. I’m glad I did, so now I know to avoid designs like this.

If you’re curious about how bloops might feel, or if an intense popping sensation sounds like your kind of party, the Ripple might be the perfect toy for you. You can pick the Ripple Small  up from Tantus here and the Ripple Large here.

If you prefer your toys to have a more gentle, gradual increase in size, then I highly recommend the Tantus Neo plug, which you can find here.

You can also get the Ripples at SheVibe here, and the Neo here!

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