Review: Tantus Acute


I had my eye on the Acute for a while before I got it. It’s made by the always amazing Tantus, it’s received great reviews as a g-spot toy, and its specs are well within my comfort range, so naturally it jumped to the top of my wishlist. My partner got it for me for my birthday, after I dropped some not-subtle-at-all hints about how wonderful I thought it would be, and how badly I wanted one.

The Acute is 1.25″ in diameter and has 5″ of insertable length. The finish is glossy and a bit sticky, and it is constantly attracting dust and fuzzies. It’s made of Tantus’ firm silicone, which means I can bend it a little bit, but it has absolutely no squish to it. Also, the color is gorgeous, it’s like a shimmery lavender swirled with a darker purple. I love that I can see the variations in color over the toy, it makes it look so pretty and interesting. Incidentally, it also looks great as a strap-on.


So I originally got this toy with the hope that it would work some g-spot magic. I love g-spot stimulation, but I have trouble stimulating my own g-spot with my fingers. This is mostly because I have short fingers,  so I have to really reach with my arm. Trying to do the “come hither” motion on myself strains my wrist, which is not the most pleasant.

Unfortunately, the Acute just does not do it for my g-spot. Lying on my back, with the dildo inserted, my g-spot barely registers its existence. I can get a little bit of sensation if I do very fast, shallow thrusts, but even then it’s more of a tease. Like “oh hey, there’s a good spot there,” but none of the intense, edge-of-orgasm, dear-god-yes with a little bit of “kinda feel like I need to pee” sensations that I associate with really good, focused g-spot stimulation. On my hands and knees, it was a different story: my g-spot woke up and the angels started singing, because that position is really good for accessing my g-spot. It still wasn’t intense, but it was quite good. However, with every thrust it popped over my pubic bone, which was so downright uncomfortable that I had to stop. If I don’t specifically try to stimulate my g-spot, the Acute slides right past and misses it entirely. I think if I didn’t know exactly where my g-spot is, I wouldn’t be able to use this dildo as a g-spot toy at all.

I think part of this has to do with my g-spot’s preference for very firm pressure. Remember how I said this toy was fairly bendy? My g-spot happens to respond really well to glass toys, which have absolutely zero give to them. Even when I angle the base of the toy down, so that the g-spot end pushes up, the sensations are downright gentle. Now, gentle g-spot stim sounds like your kind of party, this might be perfect for you. If hard, firm, g-spot pounding toys make you want to run in the other direction, or if you want a less intense option for days when you’re feeling sensitive, then go for it, because the Acute might very well be your new favorite toy.

After saying all that, you might be surprised to learn that the Acute is the dildo that I use most frequently. Just about every time that I’m doing vaginal penetration, the Acute is involved in some way. That’s because of its size. Personally, if I try to have penis-in-vagina sex without a decent warmup, I will surely hurt myself. The Acute, however, I can comfortably take without very much warm-up at all. This makes it perfect for when I want vaginal penetration but I don’t want to spend a lot of time working up to it. It also makes it the very best warm-up toy I have. It wakes up my g-spot and makes me crave more, which is great if I want to move on to a larger toy or penis.

So if you’re looking for really good, intense, satisfying g-spot action, you should look elsewhere, but if you’re looking for a solid, beautiful smaller dildo or warm-up toy, the Acute is a great option.

You can buy the Acute directly from Tantus here.

You can also find the Acute at SheVibe.

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